Zigzag Foot #0 [BERNINA]


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    Zigzag foot #0 is a versatile all purpose foot which handles all needle and fabric types beautifully. It's a reliable partner for large and small sewing projects. In addition to straight-stitch and zigzag & seams, this presser foot is also ideally suited to decorative sewing and projects with gathers and scalloped hems.

    A thread slot on zigzag foot #0 allows the thread to be pulled easily to the back. For fabrics that tend to stick, it's also available with non-stick sole as #52.

    Discover Zigzag foot # 0 now, and benefit from its wide range of uses.


    • 0 Red Box without Finger Guard: A
    • 0 White Box without Finger Guard: B C D Ea2-4¬†Eb2-4 F
    • 0 Red Box with Finger Guard: A
    • 99 Separate Finger Guard: B C D Ea2-4 Eb2-4 F