Vintage Finds

Vintage Finds

After about four attempts, I am finally getting to finish this post!!

I am super excited about the recent vintage finds. Sixty year old fabrics, many made in Great Britain. Australian made fine wool fabrics. Gorgeous knitting yarn. Heaven!

Lets start with the oldest fabrics first. These came from an estate – this lady had very good taste, and had amassed an enviable collection of fabric, which when seen together was an amazing journey through time, from the 40’s/50’s through to maybe the 90’s. I was very selective about what I took, although I left behind a few fabrics I would have liked. Hopefully they have gone to a good home.

There are a number of fabrics suitable for coat/jacket or skirts, like these:


The fabric on the left below is a beautifully soft pure wool sweater knit fabric, 150cms wide. The cobalt blue fabric came with the original receipt, dated 1951, with the description ‘Angora cord’. It is a lovely and somewhat unusual fabric.


These are just a sample of what I collected. There are also quite a few printed fabrics, like the sample below.

All these fabrics will all gradually appear on the shelves, although the heavier fabrics may stay away until next year now.

As mentioned at the start, I also have a range of Australian made wool fabrics, which were made 20+ years ago. These range from a beautiful georgette weight to a mid weight fabric, with most of them being more of a gabardine weight. Some are only short lengths, i.e just enough for a skirt or trousers, but there are some with much more generous meterage.


This is a sample, although since this photo was taken, at least one of the fabrics has been reduced.

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