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TAUKO No. 11—2024: Gathering

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  • Edition: 11
  • Print Year: 2024
  • Printed In: Estonia
  • Publisher: TAUKOdesign Oy

TAUKO Magazine Issue No.11 warmly invites you to explore the theme of "Gathering". Immerse yourself in the world of craft as we celebrate the joy of coming together, embracing the art of creating and connecting. Discover a vibrant collection of sewing pattern designs crafted for summer gatherings by independent designers worldwide. From summery tops to ruffled dresses, relaxed overalls to fitted tops, and wide-leg trousers, our curated selection offers something for sewists of all levels. Each design is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of ease and comfort, perfect for relaxed moments with loved ones or joyful celebrations of handmade pieces.

Each design is accompanied by paper patterns and step-by-step instructions, ensuring accessibility for all. Available in nine sizes ranging from a 31"/78cm bust to a 57.5"/146cm bust, our patterns empower makers of all shapes and sizes to bring their creative visions to life.

TAUKO Magazine is an award winning independent print publication for home sewists around the world. The vast horizon of crafts, culture and climate is featured in sewing patterns, interviews, columns, articles, tips and recommendations by international contributors.


TAUKO is a 128-page collectable that measures in at 275mm high x 215mm wide. There are four folded paper pattern sheets included with the magazine. It is printed in Estonia with a glue and stitch binding to secure durability and easy reading.


Jessica Silversaga, Silke Türck, Josefine Hultén, Cindy Bithell, Kaisa Rissanen, Natalie Chanin and Alyssa Marcheleta

Articles, essays and columns:

Crafting Connections: The Power of Global Sewing Communities in the 21st Century
Words by Nicole Prestle
Illustrations by Xuehka

A Maker’s Tale: A Sewist’s Odyssey from Childhood to the Age of the Makers
Words by Petra Koivu
Photography by Petra Koivu, Tapani Koivu, and Seppo Aakkula

The Physics of a Wedding Dress: Revealing the Structural Secrets Behind a DIY Wedding Gown
Words by Ella Clausen
Photography by Ella Clausen and Eder Acevedo

Clothing and Identity
Words by Catherine Clark
Photography by Isak Tiner

Craft Letters: From Calgary with Love
Words and photography by Sylvia Nettey

Mending Communal Structures Interview with Niko Lindgren
Photography by Laura Oja

Gathering in Green: The Communal Charm of the Potsdamer Güterbahnhof
Words by Mila Moisio
Photography courtesy of Kleingartenkolonie Potsdamer Güterbahnhof

Book Reviews
Words by Mila Moisio Photography by Laura Oja

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Sources: Text/Images via TAUKO Magazine

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