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Maker's Keep

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Keep your metal bits and tools close at hand with the Maker's Keep.

The silicone slap bracelet sports a brushed steel-plated magnet, has measuring lines for inches and centimeters on the underside, and fits any size wrist.

Originally designed to hold the Knitting Row Counter, stitch markers, and yarn snips ‚ any steel accessories will cling to the magnet, so it is perfect for makers of all kinds. Knitters, sewists, hair and clothing stylists, fly fishers, or weekend warriors will all find it handy to keep nails, screws, pins and endless small items close at hand while creating.


  • bracelet: 25cm x 2cm (10" × ¾")
  • magnet: 3.8cm x 3.8cm (1½" × 1½")
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