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52 Weeks of Socks

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  • ISBN: 9789526938806
  • Edition: 2
  • Print Year: 2022
  • Printed In: Latvia
  • Publisher: Laine Publishing

52 Weeks of Socks is a unique look into modern, international sock knitting.

The designers behind the 52 pairs come from all corners of the world. They have used different yarns and techniques in their designs, that are either intuitive and relaxing to knit, or more challenging. 

This beautiful book is a future classic, that you will return to again and again. 

52 Weeks of Socks is the first hardcover book of Laine Publishing. This publication contains 52 knitting patterns by 46 designers, and is a true encyclopedia of socks. Patterns are beautifully photographed and laid out on 256 pages in the style Laine is known and loved for.

Sources: Text/Images via Laine Publishing

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