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We stock primarily natural fibre fabrics - cotton, linen, silk, wool, bamboo and a little hemp.

We also have a selection of fabrics from man-made fibres like viscose/rayon. Our fabrics range from soft sheer silk chiffons to coating fabrics. 

As the seasons change, so will the fabrics we stock. So check back regularly or better still, join our mailing list to receive the latest news.


Bamboo fabric has been growing in popularity because it has many unique properties and is more sustainable than most textile fibres, as it does not require the use of pesticides and grows very quickly in favourable conditions.

  • Is exceptionally soft and light and has a natural sheen;
  • It is breathable and cool to wear;
  • It is incredibly hydroscopic, absorbing more water than other conventional fibres such as cotton and polyester;
  • Has natural deodorising properties;
  • Is strong and durable.
Fabric types in stock
  • plain jersey
  • bamboo/soy blend twill


Cloth made of cotton is more comfortable, durable and suitable to resist all kinds of weather. Cotton has become the principal clothing fabric of the world due to the fabrics strength, absorbency quality, capacity to be washed and dyed.

  • It is soft and comfortable.
  • It has good strength.
  • It is easy to handle and sew.
  • It drapes well.
  • It is flame retardant.
  • It is machine-washable and dry-cleanable.
  • It is hydrophilic, which means that cotton has excellent absorbing capabilities. Garments made of cotton absorb perspiration, thus keeping one more comfortable.
  • Cotton wrinkles easily. To resist this, cotton is often blended with many other natural or synthetic fibres.
  • The blending of cotton also gives an elasticity property to the cotton.
  • It is hypoallergenic, which means it has a low tendency to cause allergic reactions.
Fabric types in stock
  • prints of various weights, including a small range of Liberty
  • printed stretch cottons
  • plain and printed voiles
  • cotton/silk blend
  • denim, in a range of colours and including some stretch
  • uncut corduroy
  • flannel

    Jersey / Knits

    We carry a range of jersey fabrics of varying weights and textures. The plain jerseys are standard stock and available in a number of colours, whilst the printed jerseys are available as we find them.

    Fabric types in stock
    • ponti jersey, a strong heavier jersey suitable for skirts, pants and jackets.
    • medium weight jersey, suitable for all types of stretch tops and dresses, in printed and plains.
    • bamboo jersey— this is a soft jersey, perfect for garments like singlet tops.
    • linen jersey— soft jersey great for all types of tops


    Linen fabric is obtained from the flax plant, and is noted as the fabric of luxury. It symbolises comfort and elegance, and gets stronger and softer with washing. Linen fabric is 100% biodegradable. The major producer of high quality linen fabric is Ireland.

    • It is smooth, lustrous and elegant.
    • It is strong and durable.
    • It has a low elasticity.
    • It is highly absorbent, and can gain up to 20% moisture without feeling damp.
    • It dries quickly.
    • It resists dirt and stains, has not lint or pilling tendencies.
    • It can be dry-cleaned, machine washed or steamed.
    • It is non-allergenic.
    • It is resistant to wear and abrasion, but will eventually break if repeatedly folded in the same place.
    Fabric types in stock
    • plain, in light and medium weights
    • striped
    • prints
    • linen/cotton blends
    • linen/silk blend


    Silk fabric is known for its softness, lustre, beauty and luxurious look. Silk keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter. It is the strongest natural fabric in the world. China produces over 50% of the silk fabric in the world, with a number of countries including India, Japan and Italy producing the rest.

    • Silk is very smooth and luxurious. Wild silks are an exception, as they are dull with a coarse hand and texture.
    • Silk is comfortable and has a very good absorbent quality.
    • It is the strongest natural fabric, though it does not have good resistance to abrasion.
    • Impurities in the air and direct sunlight fades the colour, while perspiration and sunlight weakens the fabric.
    • Silk fabric water-spots easily, so dry-cleaning of silk garments is recommended.
    • Silk fabric does not resist wrinkle.
    Fabric types in stock
    • dupion—smooth and slubbed
    • printed satins and habutae
    • plain habutae (lining)
    • shot chiffon
    • printed silk/cotton blends
    • silk/linen blend
    • silk/rayon burnout (devore)
    • satin


    Wool fabric is predominantly from sheep, however is also made using cashmere from Kashmir goats, mohair wool from angora goats, angora wool from angora rabbit, and alpaca wool from the hair of alpaca.

    • It is warm and soft, yet strong and very durable.
    • It resists wrinkle.
    • It resists dirt, wear and tear.
    • It wicks away perspiration from the body and keeps the wearer dry while sweating and cool when it is hot.
    • It retains shape.
    • It resists flames, and smoulders instead of burning.
    • It is flexible and gets tailored easily.
    • It has natural stretch and elasticity, which responds to the wearers body movements.
    Fabric types in stock
    • lightweight gabardine
    • boucle
    • flannel
    • checks


    Hemp fibres are the longest, most durable, soft fibres of any natural product. Hemp is a low environmental impact crop which is disease and pest resistant, and requires very little chemical control.

    Care of Hemp fabric

    100% Hemp and hemp/cotton blends can be washed in warm to hot water, and ironed with a warm to hot iron. Hemp/silk blends can be washed in cool to warm water, and require a warm iron only. Do not use bleach as it weakens the fibres. Drip dry or line dry recommended.(Information sourced from Hemp Wholesale Australia).

    • It breathes well exceptionally soft and light and has a natural sheen;
    • It is naturally resistant to damp, mould, mildew, bacteria, moths and silverfish
    • It absorbs moisture and resists UV radiation
    • It sheds dirt readily
    • It becomes softer with use.
    Fabric types in stock
    • hemp/cotton muslin (3 colours)
    • hemp cotton denim - natural