This year we have quite an extensive range of linen fabrics, both printed and plain. This includes a collection of ‘Delave’ linens in plain and jersey. Delave in French means washed out or faded, which is exactly what these linens will do over time due to their pigment dyeing process. There are five colours – Goblin, Paprika, Denim, Russet and Military in the woven, and we have the jersey in Goblin, Paprika and Denim.

We have another range of linen jersey – ‘Divinity’, with three colours – Natural, Hurricane and Flossie. Plus we also have two striped linens –

Hurricane, which coordinates well with both ‘Delave’ Denim jersey (shown below) and the ‘Divinity’ jersey in Hurricane.

and Spar, which coordinates well with the Waterfall colour of the ‘Pineta’ linen.

We also have some printed linens. The ‘Banjo’ range comes in two colours – Military and Flossie. Military co-ordinates perfectly with the Military ‘Delave’ linen, while Flossie co-ordinates well with the Flossie ‘Divinity’ jersey (I am seeing a sleeveless dress here with a jersey cardigan).

And how about this for coordinating! In this corner we have the model draped in the navy floral linen (Wendy has used this for a jacket), alongside the ‘Divinity’ jersey in Hurricane, the striped jersey, and a plain “Florida’ linen in natural.

Then there is the gorgeous ‘Mecanopsis’ printed linen. In rich autumn tones, this fabric teams well the the ‘Delave’ linen in Russet, as well as the Paprika colour in the ‘Delave’ linen and the jersey

Lastly, ‘Hint of Iris’ is a printed linen/cotton mix. With purple and indigo colours, it teams well with the ‘Delave’ Denim colour.

So much choice! Which one will you choose?

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