Stillness in Nature by Denise Burkitt – Sunrise Shimmer - Multi


Available: 3.7m In Stock

  • Composition: 100% Cotton
  • Width: 112 cm
  • Suggested Uses: Homewares, Patchwork, Shirt, Skirt, Top
  • Care: Hand/Machine wash (warm); Iron (warm)
  • Brand: Free Spirit Fabrics
  • Country of Origin: Pakistan
  • UPC: 803081021618
Fabric sold in 10cm units (25 = 2.5m)

About Stillness in Nature

Driving in my Motorhome - towards the end of the day, I look out for an overnight spot. I’ve seen “Mary Pool Free Camp” listed in my Northern Territory Camp Book, which is my go-to information, kept on the dashboard. It’s listed as being 180 kilometres east of Fitzroy Crossing and 108 kilometres west of Halls Creek. Finally, I have the signpost in vision! I drive a distance off the highway in and around, it appears there are other travellers parked here for the night, positioning themselves away from each other. I choose a spot amongst the grey gum trees, pull up and go for a walk. This remote location is on the edge of the Margaret River. Eucalyptus gums, with their knarly trunks and outstretched limbs are shredding thick chalky and smoky salmon coloured bark. They gracefully bend wide over a red and sandy ochre “dry” river creek bed.

Time on your own brings much reflection. I absorb the surrounds and late afternoon, continual rounds of the sounds of cicadas. I notice a calm come over me in this stillness. My creativity becomes all encompassing. I set up a table and chair outside, find my art paper and paints and gather bits of charcoal - the remnants of another travellers camp fire. In my paint palette I squeeze out and mix earthy colours, and paint “Vibrant Earth” the first of many that afternoon. I’m most content and at one with nature.