Makers Labels [KATM]


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A selection of labels from Kylie and the Machine, to add the finishing touch to your handmade garments. All labels ideally sewn into the seam allowance or facing. All measurements provided below exclude the seam allowance, except where noted. The shape of some labels enable them to be sewn so they are visible on the outside of the garment.

  • Circa 2021: 2 different labels in this pack, 5 of each
  • Made: 8x 2cm square labels
  • Me Made: 8 rectangular labels 1cm x 4.5cm
  • Yo Mama Made It: 8x 2cm square labels
  • Grandma Made It: 8x 2cm square labels
  • I Love Linen: 8x 2cm square labels
  • Natural Fibre Collection: 8 cotton labels, 2 each of Cotton, silk, linen & wool
  • You Can't Buy This: 8 rectangular labels 3cm x 2cm (inclusive of seam allowance)
  • Look After Me: 8x 1" square labels
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