Open Embroidery Foot #20/20C/20D [BERNINA]


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    The open front of this foot ensures a good view of the fabric and stitches. The wedge shaped cutout in the sole ensures perfect fabric feed when sewing decorative stitches. Ideal for embroidering with the sewing machine, all sorts of appliqué work, Richelieu and circular embroidery, etc. This foot is also available with a non-stick sole for materials that tend to stick (foot # 56).


    • 20 Red Box: A
    • 20 Red Box (1630): A2
    • 20 Snap On: A B1
    • 20 White Box: B C D Ea2-4 Eb2-4 F
    • 20C: C D Ea3+4 Eb3+4 F
    • 20D: D Ea3+4 Eb4 F