Gathering Foot #16 [BERNINA]


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    The sole does not lie evenly flat on the feed dog, and therefore feeds the fabric unevenly, causing the desired gathering. The slot on the foot enables a flat piece of fabric to be sewn directly onto the piece being gathered in a single operation.

    The Gathering foot is available in a narrow and a wide version. The latter is for sewing machines with 9mm stitch width, but may also be used with 5.5mm machines. The basting-stitch function lets you create more pleats on thick fabrics. With all fabrics, higher thread tension produces narrower pleats.


    • 16 Red Box (Narrow): A
    • 16 White Box (Narrow): B C D Ea2-4 Eb2-4 F
    • 16 White Box (Wide): C D Ea3+4 Eb3+4 F