Making No. 12 / Dusk


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DUSK is inspired by more time spent at home, inviting rest and relaxation to be a priority in our daily lives. This collection aims to savor the dusk—its colors and mood—and everything it offers to teach us about transforming our place in this world.

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  • Author: Making
  • Publisher: Making
  • Edition: 12
  • Year: 2021
  • Printed In: USA
  • ISBN: 9781734639438

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No. 12 / DUSK (October 2021) – includes projects and artwork by Rachel Gloria Adams, Bess Casey Wilke, Louisa Burtonshaw, Alexis Bailey, Kristine Vejar, Kimberly Hamlin, Tatiana Sarasa, Katia Ferris, Elizabeth Miller, Katie Dionne, Leila Raven, Tiffany Chen, Norah Gaughan, Eline Alcocer, Camille Romano, Saysha Greene, Ksenia Naidyon, Susan B Anderson, Julie Robinson, Paula Pereira, Elena Solier Jansà and Kathy Hattori.

Double Brioche House Socks

By Tiffany Chen

Dusk is a time to wind down and wear cozy knits. These squishy, cozy, worsted weight house socks were designed to keep the feet toasty while relaxing with a hot beverage after coming home from watching the sunset.

Blackberry Sleep Mask

By Louisa Burtonshaw

Blackberry picking is a tradition in our part of the world. When the weather gets chilly and the dusk closes in early, we venture out to pick the blackberries that grow abundantly in the hedgerows. As dusk comes, with hands dyed purple from inky berries, we head inside to make jams and preserves and fall asleep by the fire.

Lilit Pillow

by Elena Solier Jansà

Amethyst Crystal Blanket

by Ksenia Naidyon

Checkerboard Quilt

by Kristine Vejar

Fawn Doll

by Katia Ferris

Tide Pool at Dusk Rug

by Elizabeth Miller

Needle Felted Checkers

by Kimberly Hamlin