Making No. 11 / Dawn


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    No. 11 / DAWN Print + Digital (April 2021), includes projects and artwork by Charlotte Edey, Sanae Ishida, Arounna Khounnoraj, Kristine Vejar, Susan B Anderson, Carolanne Graham, Julia Grace, Molly George, Amy Bornman, Kayla Powers, Tamar Dovrat, Emily Clark, Anne-Michelle Phelan, Paula Pereira, Bernice Lim, Nataliya Sinelshchikova, Tayler Harris. Nataliya Guseva, Susanna Kaartinen, Ksenia Naidyon and Ezgi Tandogan Onat.

    Chorus Wrap

    By Yamagara

    The dawn chorus is the harbinger of dawn. It is an efflorescence of sound by birds as the light arrives. Inspired by the predawn sound of birds and the shape and lightness of feathers, Chorus Wrap is a shawl knitted with lace-weight yarns in single and double strands to layer colors of the sky at dawn and to create different levels of translucence and lightness.

    Patched Wallet

    By Arounna Khounnoraj

    This patched wallet is a fun way to use up fabric remnants and showcase them on the front of the wallet. This design is also customizable so you can make it smaller or larger based on your needs. It’s designed to hold your cash and credit cards and the zipper pouch in the front is great for change. It has an elastic closure so that it will expand as you fill it up. I made my own leather button, but it can be easily replaced with any type of button that is approximately 3⁄4" [1.9 cm] in diameter.

    Dawn Charm Set

    By Susan B. Anderson

    Dawn is my favorite time of day: the quiet rising sun, the occasional rain shower. When the two combine, we’re lucky if we get the always-sought-after rainbow slicing across the sky. I have made many Charm Sets with many themes, but this one might be my favorite yet. All of the charms are cleverly constructed in one piece; string them along for a garland or individually hang them as ornaments. Regardless of how the charms are displayed, they are bound to bring a smile or two to any recipient.

    Dawn Pullover

    By Paula Pereira

    Dawn is a lightweight sweater with a delicate textured circular yoke. The stitch motif is an ensemble of simple and pleasant- to-knit stitches. The style is what I like to call a “petite boxy” shape, where the body has a certain amount of positive ease (not as much as a traditional boxy top) and fitted sleeves. I must say, this “petite boxy” is one of my very favorite styles, because it dresses beautifully on any body type. I hope you have a great knitting time and enjoy wearing your Dawn Pullover!

    Ripple Scarf

    By Susanna Kaartinen

    This reversible linen scarf is the perfect accessory for summer evenings. It has a beautiful drape and an interesting textured lace pattern created by dropped stitches. It would also look beautiful in fingering weight wool for a more trans-seasonal accessory.

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