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TAUKO No.2 Spring 2022

expected: 08 February 23

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  • Print Year: 2022
  • Printed In: Estonia
  • Publisher: TAUKOdesign Oy

In the second issue of the TAUKO magazine, you will find 10 designs by international designers with step by step sewing guidelines and actual size paper patterns. The detailed guidelines inspire makers of all levels to start their new sewing project. All patterns come in 9 sizes from bust width 31" / 78cm to 57.5" / 146cm. The issue explores the theme “Kinship” in articles, essays, columns, recommendations and interviews which highlight makers as artists, revolutionaries and designers.

All photos by Laura Oja/TAUKO Magazine
All illustrations by Ivona Fodora/TAUKO Magazine


Elina Vuorema, Fanni Lyytikäinen, Maureen Gleason, Kaisa rissanen, Birgitta Helmersson, Gian Padilla Suarez, Mila Moisio, Mandi Bharij, Adama Amanda Ndiaye


Nisan Aktürk, Jesus Herrera, Betsy Greer, Saara Obele, Andini Wijendaru, Dita W. Yolashasanti, Wambui Njuguna-Räisänen, Stacy K. Allen, Hildá länsman, Ulla pirttijärvi, Marja Helander

Sources: Text/Images via TAUKO Magazine