Outback Wife

Outback Wife

We are excited to announce the long awaited arrival of a selection of the second Outback Wife fabric collection. First launched in 2016, this range quickly became sought after. But what, you might ask, is Outback Wife?

This fabric collection was designed by Cathi Bessell-Browne, the hands and heart behind Gertrude Made. Cathi lives in rural Western Australian with her farmer husband and three small children. She is frock maker who makes her frocks from new and vintage fabrics and has also turned her hand to designing fabric.

From Ella Blue:

Each fabric has been a labour of love and they have taken more than a year to complete. Inspired by the beautiful floral barkcloth fabrics of the 1940s and 1950s, each detail of this collection has been meticulously and sincerely considered to create a range with an authentic vintage voice. The stunning hand-painted floral designs are printed on an exclusive cotton barkcloth base, and tell the story of Australian rural women. Outback Wife is an ode to the strength, passion and courage of rural women across Australia.

In this second collection, seven women have been profiled. To find out about why Gertrude Made has named her designs after rural women and the Outback Wife story.

Read the story behind Elizabeth, or buy Elizabeth red or rich magenta.

Read the story behind Aggie or buy Aggie here.

Read the story behind Alys or buy Alys here.

Read the story behind Anna or buy Anna here.

Also part of the Outback Wife collection are ChristineGenniRachael, whose stories can be read on the Gertrude Made blog.


  1. Looking for 2fat quarters / 1.5 m of Ella blue Mary . Blue daisies on navy.

  2. How fabulous! I hope they aren’t sold out yet. Only just stumbled on the blog post.

  3. They are beautiful

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