Customer Survey 2017

Customer Survey 2017

Thank you to those people who responded to the recent customer survey. We feel it is important to check in with our customers from time to time to see how we are going with providing the products and service that you would like. We asked a number of questions covering a range of topics including fabric, yarn, social media and service.

Your responses have provided us with some valuable feedback. There were suggestions for new products as well as for the topics you would like covered in classes. Not all suggestions can be implement, and some may not appear in the short-term, however we will start working on some of them now.

There were a few suggestions for different opening hours, including on Monday and Sunday. We thought we would trial opening one Sunday every month to see how this goes before deciding to make it permanent. So, starting in August, we will open on the second Sunday of every month from 11am to 3pm. We will also extend our opening hours to 5pm on the 1st Saturday of the month. Opening regularly on a Monday is not possible at this point in time, however we are usually open on the Monday after the Sheep and Wool Show.

We received a number of suggestions for different fabrics to include in our range. Some of these were for jumper type knits, which unfortunately are challenging to find and generally are only available sporadically. We do know of some rather nice ones from Japan, but unfortunately they have too much polyester content for our liking. We will keep hunting, and get them in when we can.

There were also a few suggestions for hemp and bamboo fabrics. We have a good colour range of bamboo jersey, however woven bamboo fabrics are harder to find now than when we opened in 2010. We are committed to continuing to find them because they are a lovely fabric. With the hemp fabrics, we generally can only buy plain fabrics, both in natural and a limited range of colours. We have a set of small samples of these fabrics in store and are happy to show and discuss these with you. Both the bamboo and hemp fabrics sit nicely with our mission to provide primarily natural fibre fabrics.

Linen also featured in the fabric suggestions. We always carry stock of basic linen colours, and generally augment this as the weather warms. Last summer we tried some European linen, which was positively received, so we will be getting more of them later in the year. We know that linen prints are popular because they usually sell out, however do have difficulty finding nice linen prints.

Other suggestions included: an expanded button range; different types of zips, different linings and an expanded range of threads, including those for machine embroidery. We will investigate these suggestions however it may not be possible to introduce all of them. 

We also asked for suggestions on topics for classes/workshops. We have started working on some of these suggestions already, although we are not far enough advanced to put them into print as yet. We will notify you when we have finalised all the details. 

Finally, congratulations to the four customers who were the lucky winners of the vouchers we had on offer. 

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