Our Fabric Likes The WWW

Today we begin the process of putting our entire fabric range online. As our range is numerous, with new fabrics arriving regularly, this is no small task: hundreds of photos, thousands of words, and a mind-boggling amount of clicks! Given this, it will take a little while to get everything here.

But our fabrics should be seen, nay, need to be seen (especially the more lairy ones), and for those moments when you can't make it into the shop (a sneaky peek over lunch perhaps!), what better way than online.

As a bonus, many of the fabrics will also be available for purchase online in 10cm (100mm) increments. So, if you need 1.5m of fabric, you will type 15 for the quantity (1 unit = 10cm). Prices will be shown in both the per metre and per unit price.
Items which are available will have an 'Add to Cart' button, while those not available will display 'Not currently available online'.

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