Autumn Musings

Autumn Musings

Autumn is well on its way. Cooler mornings, milder days, leaves on some trees starting to turn. Not sure we have seen the last of the warm summery days yet, but these cooler days are a reminder of things to come.

So in anticipation of this, our autumn/winter fabrics are starting to appear now. And strangely, one of the first batch of fabrics to arrive is nearly all stretch! There are 5 new printed jerseys suitable for dresses or tops.

And four heavier knits suitable for skirts, pants and more structured dresses. These are all WARP stretch fabrics, like Bengaline, and are all patterned/textured. Note that the actual colour is not well represented – the camera had a hard time with this lot!

We have lots of wool and wool blend fabrics, and will follow up with information about these shortly. But here is a peek at a group of short run Italian wool fabrics now in store. (Note that the one on the left is now sold, and there is only a small piece of the second one left).

See you soon.

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