Winter Update

Winter Update

Welcome to our Winter Update.

The Sheep and Wool Show is almost here: 20, 21 and 22 July. We will be in the Osborne Pavilion, not far inside the front door on the left hand side, and will have some new items exclusive to the show.

This last week saw the launch of a new website for House of Cloth. A new look with better navigation and filters to help you search through our online store. If you have any feedback/suggestions, we have set up a simple form.

New Fabric

Lots of new fabrics have arrived over the last few weeks. If you receive our General Update emails you will know about some of them. However as many of you do not receive this email, we will include these fabrics here as well as show the fabrics which have arrived in the last week week or two.

Please note that some of these fabrics are only available in-store. If we cannot get the photo to closely resemble the colour of the fabric we will not put that fabric online.

We have gone a bit crazy on printed pinwale corduroy this year, because it has been available. Some years we have had trouble sourcing it, so when it is around we buy up big. Current count for this year is four different ranges, some with only two colours, some with all four available colours (because it was too hard to narrow the choice down!!). These are all Japanese made fabrics so are of good quality, and are perfect for a range of garments including shirts for both adults and children, pinafores, skirts, and even for lining jackets. A number of these cords are only available in-store as it was not possible to get images to accurately reflect the colours.

Boiled wool has been more plentiful this year, so we have bought up big, mostly of the viscose/wool type. We currently have five new colours - Corn, Navy, Mint, Moss green and Petrol (selling fast).  We still have stock of a Camel pure boiled wool fabric, and will have two more colours in time for the Sheep & Wool show.

There are also new colours of merino jersey available. We have two striped 100% merino, a lilac/navy, and maroon/denim. Plus for the first time we have a merino/cotton jersey available in charcoal marle, plus three colours of merino interlock jersey, in red, black and teal. Again most of these fabrics are (currently) only available in-store.

On the woven wool front, there are some lovely new fabrics. Two beautiful 100% British wool fabrics, one plain and the other a check. These are soft lighter weight wools, and would be perfect in a number of the independent patterns, including Merchant & Mills. There are also two houndstooth fabrics available, one of which is a Harris Tweed. The latest delivery is a selection of Japanese wool fabrics, which will be suitable for a range of garments including tunics/pinafores (like the Tessuti Felicia pinafore), dresses and pants, as well as accessories for the lighter weight wool gauze. Most of these are only available in-store, but they are all shown in the  image above.

If you are looking to make a warm shirt, we have two check flannel back cottons which will do the job very well. We also have a range of other quality Japanese shirt fabrics in stripes and checks.

We also have two striped Italian wool blend knits - two tone grey and maroon/green. These fabrics are perfect for jumper style tops.

New Yarn

Scotch Tweed [Katia]

There are two new sock yarns now available - Fiddlesticks Socks, wool/nylon yarn, and Fiddlesticks Socks Bamboo, a wool/bamboo/nylon yarn. These yarns are both self patterning.

Two yarns from Katia have joined our range. Scotch Tweed is a wool/viscose/nylon yarn with lots of flecks of colour providing the tweedy look. The feather light Silk Mohair is a 70% Super Kid Mohair/30% silk lace weight machine washable yarn.

More yarn coming in preparation for the Sheep and Wool Show, so if you want to get an early look at it, drop by and say hello.


Jenny Overalls & Trousers [Closet Case]

Two more independent pattern designers have been added to our range. We have the three recently launched printed patterns from Emily, the Australian designer behind In the Folds - The Rushcutter Dress, Collins Top and Acton Dress. Also three patterns from Closet Case Patterns, by a Canadian designer Heather Lou, with the plan to gradually expand this range over time.

Other Products

Arriving soon, Making Magazine is a beautifully presented magazine. It has a number of projects - embroidery, patchwork, sewing, knitting - each with full instructions and lots of images.

There are a number of other new products now available:

  • Trace & Toile - you can draft your pattern onto this fabric then sew it up to test the fit.
  • 100% Australian cotton batting
  • KnitPro Cable Joiners - for those times you need a longer cable and only have a couple of shorter ones.
  • French Knitting Dolly - for all your i-cord needs
  • KnitPro Wool Needles - these come with a flexible eye for easier threading of various yarn sizes.

Final Note

We are being very challenged with sourcing fabrics at the moment, as a number of the fabric suppliers we have used for many years are closed or closing. Hopefully some new opportunities will open up over time, but it may mean that some fabrics many of you have come to rely on are no longer available. This includes the popular "Mela Purdie"-like jersey. We are working on trying to find an alternate source, but it may take a while to find the same quality.

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