Happy birthday to us

This month has been an important one for us, as it is now five years since we first opened the doors.  The shop has gone from looking like this, with lots of empty floor space,

100_9817  100_9821

to this, with not much empty floor space and a greatly expanded fabric range!

Shop view 1  Shop view 2

We have introduced yarn, and become a Bernina sewing machine dealer

DSCN1809 Bernina 350SE

It has been a wonderful journey. We have seen some amazing fabrics over the years, many of which have been in our vintage collection. The best part of the journey has been you, our wonderful customers. We have been inspired by your passion and creativity, and we are pleased to have inspired some of you to return to sewing after many years.

We love it when our customers come and show us the garments they have made with our fabric. Here is a sample:

of recent garments

Cathy B border print  Cathy B silk dress copy 3  DSCN2845

tessuti pattern Hilary copy Linen dress

and from early days


Unfortunately we do not always capture the garments when customers drop in, resplendent in our fabrics, and sometimes the photos I take do not do justice to the garment and are not good enough to share. So there should be lots more to show!

We are looking forward to continuing this journey, and hope that you will continue to share it with us.

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Liberty anyone?

At last, our Liberty fabric drought has ended!! Even though we knew that there were some really yummy Liberty fabrics available last year, for some reason we neglected to get any in. So, to make up for this, we have seven of the 2014 Liberty of London range in stock now.

Liberty rolls

Introducing Eleonora Liberty Eleonora2

Margaret Annie           Liberty Margaret Annie

Seth Rankine               Liberty Seth Rankine2

and Elizas                     Liberty Elizas

We have Wildflowers Liberty Wildflowers2

a Meadow                     Liberty Meadow2

and Loden                    Liberty Loden

The 2015 range has been inspired by Alice in Wonderland, so there are lots of really interesting patterns available. We are currently making our selection from this range, which is always a challenging process with so many beautiful patterns to choose from.  Hopefully it will not take us too long!

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More fabric for the new year

Happy new year to you all. We are looking forward to a great year, and hope you will join us for the journey.

To start the year, we have a number of new fabrics available in store, in time for the hot weather.

There are three new clip spot cottons –

Clip spot blue 2   Clip spot leaves both

Printed cotton voile in two colours

Snap Snap aqua   Snap Snap Coral

A stunning printed stretch cotton – SOLD OUT

Poppies 3   Poppies 2

Bright and breezy 100% printed cotton lawn and voile (on right SOLD out)

Sea Island   Renoir

A subtly beautiful stretch cotton

Ma Cherie   Ma Cherie 2

And two beautiful cotton/nylon embroidered lace fabrics

D W Blueberry   D.W Twilight


This is a sample, as there are more to be found in store.

See anything you fancy?

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Patterns and fabrics for children

If you make clothes or accessories for children, you might be interested in these.

Oliver + S patterns – 3 of them are for 5 years and older, one for under 3’s

Oliver + S

Make it Perfect patterns – multi sized for up to 5 years

Make it perfect

Kokka printed cotton/linen fabrics – anyone for trains or Snow White?

Trains  Snow White yellow  Snow White grey  Blue floral

Oliver + S fabrics

Oliver+S fabrics



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Light and lovely

With warmer weather rapidly setting in, we have a few lighter fabrics in stock to tempt you. Like these lovely cotton/silk blend voiles –

‘Eco-friendly’ coral

Eco-friendly  Eco friendly 2

‘Eco-friendly’ blue

Eco friendly blue 2  Eco-friendly blue

Creme Caramel, teamed with a plain silk/cotton voile in Plum

Creme Caramel  Creme Caramel w plum

Floral Rain, teamed with a plain silk/cotton voile in Orient

Floral Rain  Floral Rain w orient

Hmmm, now which one to choose, and what to make!


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Special find

A recent fabric foraging trip unearthed some lovelies. How about some Italian mercerised cotton jersey? These are all short lengths of about 1.5 mts to 3 mts.

You can choose from stripes

Stripe cotton jersey

or geometric

Geometric cotton jersey

or paisley, in latte, purple, magenta, black and chocolate.

Paisley jersey

This is all there is at the moment, but I plan to get some more, though maybe not until the new year.

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This year we have quite an extensive range of linen fabrics, both printed and plain. This includes a collection of ‘Delave’ linens in plain and jersey. Delave in French means washed out or faded, which is exactly what these linens will do over time due to their pigment dyeing process. There are five colours – Goblin, Paprika, Denim, Russet and Military in the woven, and we have the jersey in Goblin, Paprika and Denim.

Delave linen

We have another range of linen jersey – ‘Divinity’, with three colours – Natural, Hurricane and Flossie. Plus we also have two striped linens –

Hurricane, which coordinates well with both ‘Delave’ Denim jersey (shown below) and the ‘Divinity’ jersey in Hurricane.

Hurricane w denim

and Spar, which coordinates well with the Waterfall colour of the ‘Pineta’ linen.

Spar with Waterfall

We also have some printed linens. The ‘Banjo’ range comes in two colours – Military and Flossie. Military co-ordinates perfectly with the Military ‘Delave’ linen, while Flossie co-ordinates well with the Flossie ‘Divinity’ jersey (I am seeing a sleeveless dress here with a jersey cardigan).

Military Flossie

And how about this for coordinating! In this corner we have the model draped in the navy floral linen (Wendy has used this for a jacket), alongside the ‘Divinity’ jersey in Hurricane, the striped jersey, and a plain “Florida’ linen in natural.

Linen corner

Then there is the gorgeous ‘Mecanopsis’ printed linen. In rich autumn tones, this fabric teams well the the ‘Delave’ linen in Russet, as well as the Paprika colour in the ‘Delave’ linen and the jersey

Printed & plain linen

Lastly, ‘Hint of Iris’ is a printed linen/cotton mix. With purple and indigo colours, it teams well with the ‘Delave’ Denim colour.

Printed & plain

So much choice! Which one will you choose?



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Pattern inspiration

Some fabrics do not present themselves well when draped on a roll, and need to be seen on a body to get the best view. Many of us sewers get inspiration when we see a fabric made up. So that is what we did.

We chose this Simplicity pattern 1357. Slightly A-line with bust darts, this dress can be made with or without sleeves. This dress style will suit many figure types, and can be made in a range of fabrics to look completely different.

Simplicity 135707102014

Wendy whipped up this simple dress using one of our new spring/summer fabrics, ‘Nightshade’, which is a cotton/spandex blend in cool blues and turquoise. This version has pockets, but you can make it without.

Blue Simplicity dress

What do you think?


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Sheer delight

With a Sewing with Sheers class coming up soon, I thought it would be timely to show some of the sheer fabrics currently in stock.

Our sheers are mostly silk chiffon in both printed and plain. We have a few shot chiffons, like these,

Shot chiffon

or this delicious spicy one

Spicy chiffon

or this cool turquoise one, though the shot colour is not showing very well.

Turquoise chiffon

We also have a few printed chiffons, like these

Green chiffon Fuschia chiffon

also shown here against a dark background to show how the pattern can be enhanced

Fuschia chiffon on dark Green chiffon on dark

And these

Paisley chiffon Geometric chiffon

with this one against a dark background

Geometric chiffon on dark

So, are you inspired to sign up for our class? We still have a vacancies, so head over to the Classes page for details. Look forward to seeing you there.

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A riot of colour

We are ablaze with colour!

Our spring/summer collection is now on show, with varied colour palettes. Here is a little taster!

We have these lovely linens in autumn tones,

Printed & plain linen

and cotton and linen fabrics in ocean inspired colours.

Ocean colours

There are pink cottons


and purple cottons

Purple palette

and greens in cotton and cotton blends.

Green palette

This just a taster, as there are many more fabrics available. They are best appreciated when you can see and feel them. If you would like to do this but cannot get to the store, we have samples available to send to you.



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